What you loved to do when you were young.

Dr. Christiane Northrop is a doctor of holistic health – an OB-GYN – and one of my favorite authors. Several times I’ve heard her speak about how if you need to come back to yourself or find something that nurtures you, or something you love, to think of something you used to do when you were a young girl of 10 or 11 before you had your period. Time and time again I’ve thought about this advice and come up short. I wanted to be an actress, singer, and model when I was a kid. Nothing particularly revealing about that.

But then over New Years it hit me.

I took a line from I Am A child of God and ran with it. Considering I used a Bic pen, our turned it pretty good and after sharing it on Instagram I got some pretty good feedback.

But I didn’t think anything if it until later that night, when Chris Northrup’s advice started ringing in my ears and my “a ha!” moment hit me.

When I was in grade six, my class had a student teacher who decided to add calligraphy to the curriculum. She drew fancy letters on the blackboard, teaching us about nib height and the proper 45° pen angle and each of us inner city kids got our own calligraphy pen and practice notebook. And I took like it to a fish in water.

Something you loved to do when you were 10 or 11? Bingo.

Though I’ve barely given calligraphy a second thought over the years, in my time of need, what I needed came to the surface and gave me hope, purpose and joy. Since then I’ve been taking favorite song lyrics or quotes and writing them out in calligraphy. I’m tickled pink.

What is something you loved to do as a child before you had your period?

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