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Book Review: Intuitive Power by Caroline Myss

intuitive powerRecently I picked up the CD set Intuitive Power by Caroline Myss — it is POWERFUL. She speaks profoundly on how we give away our power and how to call it back to us. When I was listening I literally had to write things down I was hearing because it resonated on such a deep level. She is no-nonsense, straight forward, and funny in her delivery. Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

The role of self esteem is the role of everything. Your goal should never be intuition. Ever. [It is within you.] Your goal should be your sense of self. Your goal should be figuring out one: what is your definition of power and what do you need to feel good about yourself. What causes you to lose power in your life.

When you enter the fog it’s not because you’ve done something wrong. The gods send us into fogs. Guidance is to enter into the fogs. You go to find out what has power over other than you. What are the beliefs or the fears that you have that have power over you that challenge your intuitive voice that you hear loud and clear but that you don’t want to admit that you’re hearing. In order to get from the life you had to the life you want you have to enter the fog.

Have you got what it takes to truly live in a world that no one else may validate? If you are terrified of not having someone’s approval, can you truly live in your interior world with the light on all the time? You’ve unplugged a fundamental circuit that says I need to let my interior world expand without the need for your approval. That’s going to change a lot of things.

It’s an emergence, not an emergency.

what takes the power out of you and where? how come? how much are you losing? how easily do you lose power and how hard is it for you to call your power back when somebody or some circumstance has caused you to feel gutted? where are you other than in your body? where are you other than here energetically?

The object of health is to keep your energy contained within your energy field. To keep yourself contained. Most people, through the choices they make, they find that they distribute their energy outside of themselves all the time. One wonderful practice — pay attention to where you are other than in your body. As you get dressed, pay attention to where your thoughts travel outside your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen. Do you start automatically anxiety-ing about the day? Imagine you literally are literally slitting your energy field like a hemorrhage and to send it out and animate the target that is causing you anxiety.

how do you retrieve energy back? you know you’re hemorrhaging when you cannot control mood swings. psychically you are completely susceptible to mood swings and energy center-ships and one of the things that you have to recognize the rapidness that you shift your center of balance in one day. it’s very rare for you to be in the same mood all day long, that you fluctuate all day long. when you find a fluctuation, i’m slipping, not as energized — from now on, check your biology and do it systemically. check your stomach. what are you thinking about? am i emotionally stress and what is it about? did someone say something? do i want to say something? negative and positive. sometimes you lose power because you have a secret.

you lose power over what you would like to do, but you don’t. action == operate on the data, make choices aligned with energetic information. 

if you deeply have a contract, do you understand that a contract is a two way thing? heaven has agreed to provide you with. if you really understand that, then what in the world would stop you from living a high risk spiritual life? if you really understand that, what stops you? it’s not the the opportunities or protection aren’t going to be there, it is. It may take us to difficult places in life. a contract is a guarantee that you won’t stay there. a contract is a guarantee that bad things will end. what your job is to believe in every single moment of your life that i could change the whole of your life in one second. and i will distribute one second experiences in your life as you need them. that is truth.

giving away your power happens because we don’t really believe that. if i lose power, if i have an encounter and i am losing power, i’m hemorrhaging.

It’s not about this person. it’s about you.

that’s how you collapse your intuition. you transfer it to 30-40-50 time zones other than yourself.

Check out Intuitive Power.