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Lost Cell Phone = Mandatory Unplug Day

The last time I remember having my cell phone in my hands was yesterday during the last hour of church. Later while I was cooking dinner, my brother (visiting from out of town) made a phone call with it and left it on the coffee table. That was yesterday at dinner time and no one has seen it since. We’ve turned the house upside down, looked all the usual cell phone haunts (5+ times) and even searched the unconventional places, too (top of the fridge, kitchen cupboards, makeup bag, under the car) but no dice.

After freaking out, reading every “seek and ye shall find” scripture and trying desperately not to swear (because I’m trying to call in a favor, ya know), here are some radical thought processes I’ve tried to embrace:

  • Trust. I trust I will find my cell phone. I trust I will find my cellphone… well, at least hope. Don’t you get blessings for wanting to trust? 
  • Attract. I was looking at pictures of my phone online. Half tempted to print one out and look at it so the Law of Attraction can help me find my phone. 
  • Release. I suppose it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I had to buy a brand new phone to replace it.  Sure there’s 1500 photos that I never backed up on it… So I found my phone online and added it to my Amazon wish list, just in case. Inconvenient? Yes. Expensive? Yes. The end of the world? No. (Note to self: next time back up your images. And have one of those “locate” apps that starts screaming when you lose your phone.) 
  • Learning. Okay, universe. Apparently this is a sign that I need to unplug from my cell phone for a day. Roger that. I’m okay with that! Just please let me find it afterwards! 
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