Multi-Faith Easter Celebration


Photo: Mormon Newsroom

Last weekend the Seattle Stake participated in a multi-faith Easter celebration where Christians of different denominations came together to speak and sing of Christ. Marti Patricelli who spoke at the meeting said that he and the other pastor agreed that our similarities were more than our differences. Can I get an amen?

Click for a recording of a part of the evening including a rousing congregational rendition of Amazing Grace, a gospel choir (Seattle’s Total Experience Gospel Choir), a Mormon choir (The Seattle Stake Singers), a soloist (Kim Cooney) and violinist, and two remarkable speakers. A big thank you to all who participated in bringing the spirit.

Listen here: Multi-Faith Easter Celebration

Also, the Total Experience Gospel Choir is doing a fundraiser and selling their CDs to raise money for a trip to Tanzania. CDs are $25 each and can be purchased be contacting Pastor Pat at or 206-919-6130. Their website:

Happy Easter!

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