It’s Not a Protest, It’s an Outreach

“It’s not about the pants. Women can wear whatever they want to church. I suppose it’s a gesture of showing up with vulnerability. It’s a way women, in solidarity, can come to church with their hearts on their sleeves. Not so much a protest but a peaceable way to say, “I have mourned/I am mourning”, “I have burdens that weigh heavy on me.” And maybe we don’t all share those specific burdens, but let’s be human about this, we ALL have something that has hurt us. We all have a burden, we all are mourning. Like Christ, we have these emotions so that we can understand each other and apply compassion.

“You haven’t experienced the pain of not seeing more women speaking/praying at General Conference? Great! Can you use the power of the Holy Ghost to reach into your well of empathy and show understanding for those who do? You don’t know what it has felt like to be belittled because you are a woman? Then surely you will have the strength to help wrap your arms around a sister who experiences this daily. You don’t understand any of this? Look for the woman wearing pants for the first time on Sunday and ask her to tell her story, take her burdens and help lift them for awhile. This actual makes charity quite easy. And charity, as well all know NEVER FAILS.

“I keep thinking about Christ coming to the people of the Book of Mormon, the first thing he does is shows his people the scars on his hands and feet. After he heals them–with those scarred hands–he blesses them and later offers them the sacrament. Following the pattern of Christ, I do think showing up with our scars to church to be healed and heard, to renew our love of God, is very much reverent and very sacred.

“It’s not a protest, it’s an outreach. And if by chance my nieces pray about it or your neighbor prays about it and the answer they receive is, “Yes, wear pants on Sunday” then who am I, or who are you, to say it’s not a valid answer to prayers? Our only option at that point is to put our arms around these women and girls to say, Here I am. I see you. Let’s take the sacrament together and promise to do better.

“It’s about our hearts. It’s not about the pants.”- C. Jane Kendrick, The Worst Thing is Pants, Part II

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