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Visiting Teaching Wisdom on Gender Inequality in the Church

I have the best Visiting Teachers ever. As a Mormon woman, I am assigned Visiting Teachers who come by once a month to provide friendship, support, and fellowship. Did I mention they are a-mazing?

When they asked me the obligatory question, “Is there anything we can do for you?” I brought up my concerns with gender inequality in the church. While they grew up in different eras and have never had this same trial about gender inequality, nonetheless, my Visiting Teachers had some wonderful advice to share:

  • Women are the mothers of men and the leaders of women and children. We have a very influential role. 
  • Everyone has hurts. Do I have hurts and needs and validations that I’m not getting met that fuels my concerns about inequality in the church? 
  • Be careful what you focus on because Satan knows how to cause riffs in your faith. 
  • Anytime you hear a strange teaching in the church that rubs you the wrong way, look into it — pray, research, and get to the bottom of it. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open — reach out. Don’t suffer in silence. 

A Jewish Prayer and Making Faith Work

Tonight I read an article on Ask Mormon Girl about a couple who are having the same types of challenges with sexism in the church. His wife will cry and yearn for her Heavenly Mother.

Joanna Brooks shared a beautiful Jewish prayer called the Hashkivenu from the High Holy Days Reconstructionist Prayer Book:

“Help us to lie down, Dear One, our God, in peace, and let us rise again, our sovereign, to life.  Spread over us the shelter of your peace. Decree for us a worthy daily lot, and redeem us for the sake of your great name, and enfold us in the wings of your protection, for you are our redeeming guardian.  Truly, a sovereign, gracious, and compassionate God are you.  Guard our going forth each day for life and peace, now and always.  Spread over us the shelter of your peace.  Blessed are you, Compassionate One, who spreads your canopy of peace over all your people Israel and over Jerusalem.” (emphasis added)

She asked that this canopy of peace be felt in their home during this trial. The thing she shared that really jumped out at me is that a prominent feminist writer, Carol Lynn Pearson, talked about how she stays in the church — and it’s because she chooses not to believe things that offend her. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

Can that be so wrong? Because if this type of survival tactic keeps me active, it’s fine by me. And I think God would prefer me to be active that not at all.

Joanna Brooks also said that she refuses to think of God as a jerk. I want to know God as a loving, open arms, non-judgmental, accepting, “let’s make this work” God who sees the good we do and accepts it as enough. That He is kind and compassionate and loving and funny and a staunch supporter of gender equality.

That’s what I want in a God. Tell me that’s you, God.

Early is Better Than Late

Recently I began working at a new job where I work in close proximity with several other women. PMS came up in conversation on Friday and one girl said, “I’m about to finish [my cycle],” and another one replied, “I’m about to start today.” Two days later and I’ve begun as well. Like you, I’ve heard those stories about womens’ cycles regulating and getting on the same track, but this may be the first time it’s happened to me. Which makes me wonder what it is that creates this unspoken alignment. And think how awful it would be to be the polygamist man whose wives are all PMS-ing at the same time. (Karma?)

If you’re a woman who’s ever been late on her period, it is its own kind of stress. As of today, I am two weeks early. It’s quite likely that the stress of a new job and new schedule factors in as well to this change of schedule.

One thing is for sure. In the case of monthly blood, early is better than late. But next month, I’d prefer to not have it twice in one month, please and thank you.